Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Improbable Chances

I don’t believe in meant to be. I don’t believe in impossible. I don’t believe in having no choice. We are the ones who steer the pathway of our lives. Sure, the circumstances that falls on everyone is different and may make the pathway for some easier than another and in some special cases certain things may not be able to be achieved. Also, there are many improbable situations that has such low possibility it is often deemed as impossible which might not be really advisable to dwell too deep into it.

In normal circumstances we are the ones who make things happen for our lives. To take action on making things happen is not just having to persistently try again and again the same thing without thought and changes to it. To blindly persist is merely being stubborn. It rarely brings about any positive effect. What’s needed is thought out persistence where each time we fail we think through what brought about this failure and try again with a different thought out approach. While believing there’s always a chance, we have to move ahead with our minds in function as well.

However, although most things are not impossible and only with the tenacity to keep pushing on me can get a chance to obtain all those we want with low probability it doesn’t mean to persist means we will get them. The chances to fail has already made known to us to be higher and to keep persisting means to take a risk. In life we are meant to be taking risks to live our lives fully but whether the risk is worth taking or not really depends how much something means to you. It will always be our choice to make, and only you can determine if it’s worth it.

To persist is to be taking a risk

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