Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Improbable Chances

I don’t believe in meant to be. I don’t believe in impossible. I don’t believe in having no choice. We are the ones who steer the pathway of our lives. Sure, the circumstances that falls on everyone is different and may make the pathway for some easier than another and in some special cases certain things may not be able to be achieved. Also, there are many improbable situations that has such low possibility it is often deemed as impossible which might not be really advisable to dwell too deep into it.

In normal circumstances we are the ones who make things happen for our lives. To take action on making things happen is not just having to persistently try again and again the same thing without thought and changes to it. To blindly persist is merely being stubborn. It rarely brings about any positive effect. What’s needed is thought out persistence where each time we fail we think through what brought about this failure and try again with a different thought out approach. While believing there’s always a chance, we have to move ahead with our minds in function as well.

However, although most things are not impossible and only with the tenacity to keep pushing on me can get a chance to obtain all those we want with low probability it doesn’t mean to persist means we will get them. The chances to fail has already made known to us to be higher and to keep persisting means to take a risk. In life we are meant to be taking risks to live our lives fully but whether the risk is worth taking or not really depends how much something means to you. It will always be our choice to make, and only you can determine if it’s worth it.

To persist is to be taking a risk

Monday, September 21, 2015


There are a lot of feelings that can be developed towards a person. It could be pure good friends friendship feelings, family love feelings, lustful feelings, comfortable love feelings and there's that spark attraction feeling. The most unreliable of the feelings would be the last one, spark attraction feeling. However, these spark are one of the most apparent one.

This feeling I call spark stems from excitement, mystery and lack of knowledge on the other party. Familiarity will act as a filter to these feelings because you expect what is coming. It may filter off partially or fully depending on the intensity that is induced though. Of course there are still ways to create excitement but familiarity already put a whole big part of the cause away. However this feeling is like it's name, a spark. It glows brightly and hits hard but like a spark it is short lived and will die off as time passes.

Hearts beating fast, nervousness upon meeting this someone, mind goes blank whenever you're with them, highly excited when you see or hear from them, these are symptoms produced by the spark which is what would be more commonly known as affection. Very often this feeling is confused with what we would call love which is much more reliable and precious feeling. The feeling that produces almost completely opposite symptoms. Heart beats slower from being calm, relaxed, mind clear and awake, warm, comfortable and natural when together.

Some of these are feelings that some people say their best friends give. I'd tell them why can't your best friend be your life partner as well, it doesn't contradict. Some people would then comment they're too close, they lose all excitement against each other. How long do you think excitement will last and do you think you'll want that to last forever because being excited you definitely will never have a sense of security from them. Sure, it's all give and take but think and evaluate yourself which is more precious. Just because they'd still be here for you now doesn't mean it's safer to keep things as it is. There are risks worth taking.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Many people have the tendency to characterize people according to their first impressions. First impressions however often fail to properly portray how a person really is. As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover, we shouldn't judge a person by what you see on the surface. Many often has a lot more going for them inside as you explore deeper about them.

However, when a person has been characterized by their first impression the vibe they give will be influenced greatly. For example, if a person has been characterized as a playful person it's very hard to shake off the thought of them being playful and put trust into that person's seriousness. The impression of not being stable and serious has already been established and there will always be that doubt when compared to one who gave a serious first impression.

However, it is true that you can actually read a person just based on their body language and the way they speak and that will probably be enough information to characterize a person. The drawback here is how many can actually read a person correctly. Think back yourself, how many times have you perceived someone different from how you later think they are. If you are amongst those who get it correct pretty much every time I guess it's not an issue but if you are not, maybe you want to consciously reprogram yourself not to characterize someone so quickly.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lost Opportunities

Opportunities come and go. They may or may not linger for long but the thing about that is you don't know how long it will still be there. Just try to think back, how many opportunities that have been presented to you were lost because you hesitated or tried to wait for what you think is the "right timing".

Lost opportunities couldn't be recovered. If your chance passed by, that's it. You can't turn back time to grab it back. What's lost is lost. Yet it leaves you with the question to wonder, what if you didn't miss that chance and took the opportunity that was there. However, you'll never find out the answer to that question. All you know is missing and opportunity could mean letting something that could mean a lot to you slip away.

Even though we know what we might be missing out on, we still don't take every opportunity presented to us. The fear of possible consequences makes us hesitate and think twice. We have the fear that it may come out as a wrong choice. Certainly there will be risks involved in every choice we make and you certainly have the decision to make the choice. Only you will know if it's worth the risk and if you think it's worth it, why not take it?

Take the shot or lose an opportunity

Monday, January 12, 2015

Too Nice

It's funny how in this world there's such thing as being too nice. It's where you're nice to the point where people use you for their own advantage when they don't care about your well being. However, if you're a genuinely nice person does it really matter that people use you? Your own well being should be taken care by you yourself and the be used to people's advantage means you're able to help people.

What is the problem about being used then? Sure, people take your kindness for granted. People are less appreciative of the many little things that you do for them. If you're being nice just because you are nice it all doesn't matter really. Many people however are not usually that nice but are selectively nice to people. Selectively on timing or individuals. They are the ones who people notice more because it's out of the norm when they do something nice.

The world is unfair. Being just plain genuinely nice doesn't give you an advantage in life. It puts you at a disadvantage instead. However, being genuine has its perks where there will be people who sees it and appreciates it. It will be harder for people to actually take you as an enemy with that kindness in you as well.

Someone who's too nice won't mind being too nice

Your Life's Purpose

Hey you, yes I'm talking to you, the person reading this. Have you ever wondered what is your purpose in life? Do you have an ultimate goal that you want to achieve in life? Do you have something that you want to dedicate you life towards achieving? I used to be a dreamer with a lot of big dreams but the dreams were so vague you realize it doesn't pose much meaning later on in life.

Finding what you love to do and would want to spend your life doing is not the only way to live your life but I can say it would be one of the ideal ways to do it. However knowing what you want to do in life may not come just like that. Sometimes you could be completely clueless about it just living day by day as it has been going.

For someone who always chases dreams you get lost on where to go with no directions to head to. To be lost in life makes you feel a little empty inside. When the activities in the daily life ends, when you stop being busy you start feeling lost. The feeling of being nowhere and have no idea where to head to. If you have a chance, look for it before you have things tying you down and you can't leave everything behind to search for yourself.

Find your life target and make you path to it

Monday, July 7, 2014

Codes & Principles

Every person should have their own principles to follow. Codes that they abide to under most circumstances. Having a code to live by keeps up in check so we know we don't stray too far from our way of life. There's no one code that everyone should follow. Everyone has their own code to follow in different situations. We all have our individual principles that defines us.

A person's code can be so many things. It could be something simple but meaningful like family first where the priority is always on the good of your family. It could also be things like always try not to lie or never talk bad about a person behind their back. always putting full effort at work, always make the person you love smile, never make the person you love cry of sadness. It could be anything at all but they have to be there to make sure what's important to us remains.

Some of the examples I mentioned are the codes that I follow. I'm a very playful person. I do all kinds of stupid things and play around all day but life isn't all about jokes, we need to keep ourselves in check and these codes are here to assist you, to help you keep yourself in check. Sometimes people may not agree to your principles but if it's what's right for you, stand firm for it as it's part of what defines you.

Our codes keeps our path in check